Fligence USOD

Fligence USOD is an analytical platform with monthly OD and segment air traffic that helps you better understand US air traffic patterns, market shares, and fare trends.

What do you get?

I. True OD Traffic & Fare Patterns*

  • Estimate market size and calculate market shares
  • Observe air traffic patterns and discover passenger flow itineraries
  • Benchmark fare & yield, track fare trend, and identify zero-fare passengers
  • Understand the passenger’s point of origin
  • Evaluate the contribution of codeshares
  • Forecast passenger traffic by true OD

II. Segment Capacity Deployment & Load Factor Trends

  • Track aircraft capacity deployment
  • Summarize inbound and outbound traffic
  • Calculate aircraft landed weight
  • Monitor carrier load factors
  • Benchmark airport performance
  • Forecast passenger traffic by segment

* International fare data is only available for U.S. airlines, U.S. airports, or authorized users by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation.

Why from us?

  • Enhanced DB1B data with net-fare by true OD and enhanced T100 data by parent operating carriers
  • More recent data than US DOT reports
  • Forecast future traffic with one click
  • Build your own custom analyses and dashboard

Data Structure

If you are just interested in the data, we share trip level and segment level data in Snowflake. Below are the data structure definitions.