Fligence B&GA

Fligence B&GA Airport is a business intelligence platform that helps you better understand US business and general aviation market size and growth, estimate airport market share and benchmark airport performance.

What do you get?

I. B&GA Market Intelligence

  • Total market size
    • For-hire vs. private flights
    • Size and growth by origin
    • Size and growth by carrier
  • Business trip patterns
    • Day of week
    • Hour of day
    • Aircraft type
    • Trip length

II. Carrier Intelligence

  • Monitor your base airport
    • Traffic distribution by hour
    • Traffic by carrier
    • Traffic by aircraft type
  • Benchmark different airports
  • Track aircraft operator and flight history
    • Operator contact
    • Most recent origins/destinations of an aircraft
  • Forecast flight activities by aircraft type, market, and carrier

Why from us?

  • Best business & general aviation flight data
  • Most intuitive & convenient approach to obtain market and airport intelligence
  • Forecast flight activities with one click
  • Build your own custom analyses and dashboards
Fligence B&GA