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  • Where do you get the airport traffic data? How often are those data updated?

    Our airport passenger throughput data is from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States.

    We provide and visualize the airport passenger throughput data at two levels:

    1. daily US total;
    2. hourly airport checkpoint detail.

    Both of them are from TSA. We update those data daily. However, whether new data is available depends on TSA’s data publishing schedule. TSA publishes the daily US total data every day with a one-day report lag. Unfortunately, TSA’s publishing schedule of the hourly airport checkpoint level data is irregular. At the ballpark, there is a two-week report lag for the airport level data.

  • We extracted the traffic data at the same airport in two overlapped periods. Why do data on some days are different?

    The data you extracted is probably the 7-day average. When there are less than 7-days data available, the average is whatever is available. For example, when you set up the period as Jan 2018 to Jal 2021, data for the period Jan 1-12, 2019 are a normal 7-day average. However, when you set up the period just for Jan 1-12, 2019, the first day only has one day of data, which is the traffic on Jan 1, 2019. The second day has two days of data. The output is an average of Jan 1 and Jan 2. So on and so forth. After 7 days, the two sets are the same because a day in both sets has at least 6 previous days to calculate a correct 7-day average.

    If you are doing a daily traffic analysis, you can select “Daily Throughput” mode and use actual daily traffic rather than the 7-day average to avoid this misrepresentation. If you do want to use the 7-day average, please include 6 days before the target period.

  • Do you provide passenger traffic data by airport terminal?

    The most granular level of traffic data we present is at the airport security checkpoint level. In many airports, each terminal has one security checkpoint. However, in some airports, multiple terminals may share one security checkpoint.

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