Leveraging a suite of proprietary tools, models, and databases, we help airlines, airports and other aviation businesses navigate key business challenges. Our consulting services cover strategic, financial, commercial, network, operational and digital advices.


Business Intelligence

Aviation industry is characterized by large quantities of complex, unstructured and rapid changing data. Without right business intelligence tools, such big data are just too much information for airline and airport managers to digest. We provide solutions that help airlines and airport estimate total market size, calculate market shares, benchmark costs, monitor performance and maximize profits.

  • Total market size estimate
  • Demand forecasting
  • Market share calculation with a QSI model
  • Management Dashboard
  • Process & analyze U.S. DOT data
  • Process & analyze FAA SWIM data
  • Process & analyze airline ticket data
  • Process & analyze MIDT flight booking data
  • Data reports & visualization
  • Cloud computing migration

Network Planning

Network planning is an integral part of every airline’s revenue generation capabilities. There are several aspects of scheduling that can reduce operating costs and lift overall profitability. We offer solutions for airlines to better meet demand, make more connections, optimize fleet and maximize revenues.

  • Market research & demand forecasting
  • Network strategy and network designing
  • Airline schedule design and network optimization
  • Cost benchmarking and profitability assessment

Scenario Analysis

The world is changing. Airlines face various opportunities and risks every day. As a result, scenario analysis has become critical in airlines’ overall strategic planning process. We provide solutions for airline executives and operation managers to conduct “what-if” analyses and evaluate impacts of different scenarios.

  • Modification of an airline’s flight network
  • Join, switch and exit an alliance network
  • Establish a join venture with other airlines
  • Codeshare with other airlines