Fligence BizAv

Fligence BizAv is a business intelligence platform that helps you better understand US business aviation market size and growth, estimate your market share and benchmark your performance with competitors in each market.

What do you get?

I. Business Aviation Market Intelligence

  • Total market size
    • For-hire vs. private business flights
    • Size and growth by origin
    • Size and growth by market
  • Business trip patterns
    • Day of week
    • Departure windows
    • Aircraft type
    • Trip length

II. Carrier Intelligence

  • Monitor your own operations
    • Traffic distribution & growth by market
    • Utilization of fleet type
  • Understand your competitors
    • Fleet with tail numbers, main operation locations, key persons
    • Flights and block hours by market
  • Benchmark performance
  • Forecast flight activities by carrier, market, and aircraft category

Why from us?

  • Best business flight data
  • Most intuitive & convenient approach to obtaining market and carrier intelligence
  • Forecast flight activities with one click
  • Build your own custom analyses and dashboards

Data Structure

If you are just interested in the flight data, we share the daily updated data in Snowflake. The data structure definition is available here.

Fligence BizAv