Fligence is our product brand, which stands for Flight Intelligence. We offer the following products to help you make intelligent decisions in the aviation industry.

  • Fligence TSA: A web application for service providers at US airports to monitor and predict passenger traffic
  • Fligence USOD: A business intelligence platform for commercial airlines or airports to observe US air traffic patterns
  • Fligence BizAv: A BI platform for business aviation providers to better understand the US business flight market & carriers
  • Fligence B&GA: A BI platform for FBOs/MROs to track the US Business & General Aviation market
  • Fligence Analytics: A big data self-service analytics platform
  • Fligence QSI: An air traffic analytical tool using the Quality Service Index (QSI) method

If you are just interested in data, here is the list.

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