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Fligence Alliance is a revolutionary web-based solution designed to evaluate the impact of airline alliances, mergers, and codeshare relationships.

What do you get?

I. Schedule Editor and Flight Mapper

  • Modify schedules online
  • Display updated schedules in a flight map
  • Compare different schedules with charts, tables, and dashboards

II. Global Connection Builder

  • Build single and double connections
  • Build online, codeshare, and interline connections
  • Based on Minimum Connect Time (MCT) and traffic restrictions

III. Market Share Calculation and Comparison

  • Produce QSI scores on all itineraries based on aircraft size, airline type, itinerary type, online vs. interline, connection time, circuity, airline city presence, etc.
  • Calculate Market Share based on QSI scores
  • Compare different scenarios with charts, tables, and dashboards

Why from us?

  • Accessible from any device with internet
  • Quick data processing with optimized performance
  • Share data with team members instantly

Case Study

Use Cases of Fligence Alliance

Alliance Relationship• Assessment of market impact from changes in airline alliance relationships
• Evaluation of market impact due to modifications in equipment, flight schedules, or frequency by an alliance member
Airline Mergers• Evaluating the consequences of airline mergers and acquisitions
• Analyzing market shares following mergers
Codeshare Assessment• Evaluation of contributions made by codeshare agreements
• Studying the impact of removing codeshare relationships