FlightBI produces the following aviation data daily or monthly. Please contact support@flightbi.com if you are interested in either a one-time purchase or a regular subscription.

Data NameDescriptionData StructureSample File
Flight DataAll flight data, including commercial and general aviation, from Jan 1, 201849 fieldsCSV
G&BA Flight DataGeneral & business aviation flights from Jan 1, 201842 fieldsCSV
Business Flight DataBusiness aviation flights from Jan 1, 201842 fieldsCSV
True O&D Traffic & Fare DataMonthly 100% commercial air market size and fare* data by true O&D from Jan 201534 fieldsCSV
Segment Traffic DataMonthly commercial air segment traffic data from Jan 201540 fieldsCSV
Airport Passenger Throughput DataHourly passenger throughput by airport/terminal from 2015 and 3-month forecast8 fieldsCSV
Airport Passenger Arrival DataHourly passenger and flight arrivals and departures by the airport in the next 7 days14 fieldsCSV

* International fare data is only available for U.S. airlines, U.S. airports, or authorized users by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation.