YYMMVARCHAR(4)Travel year and month2106
YEARINTEGERTravel year2021
ORGVARCHAR(3)IATA airport code of the segment originATL
ORG_IDINTEGERUnique US DOT ID of the segment origin airport30397
O_WACINTEGEROrigin world area code34
O_STATEVARCHAR(50)Origin state codeGA
O_COUNTRYVARCHAR(2)Origin country codeUS
O_NAMEVARCHAR(100)Origin nameAtlanta, GA
DSTVARCHAR(3)IATA airport code of the segment destinationDFW
DST_IDINTEGERUnique US DOT ID of the segment destination airport30194
D_WACINTEGERDestination world area code74
D_STATEVARCHAR(50)Destination state codeTX
D_COUNTRYVARCHAR(2)Destination country codeUS
D_NAMEVARCHAR(100)Destination nameDallas/Fort Worth, TX
DIVARCHAR(1)Domestic or internationalD
PARENT_ALVARCHAR(3)IATA code of the parent operating airlineAA
AIRLINEVARCHAR(3)IATA code of the metal operating airlineAA
ENTITYVARCHAR(5)Unique US DOT airline code over years0A050
GROUP_CODEINTEGERAirline group number3
AL_COUNTRYVARCHAR(2)Airline domicile country codeUS
AIRCRAFTVARCHAR(3)Aircraft code321
AC_GROUPINTEGERAircraft group number6
AC_TYPEINTEGERAircraft type number699
AC_CONFIGINTEGERAircraft configuration number1
ACTUAL_DEPARTURESINTEGERActual departures on the segment in the month101
SCHEDULED_DEPARTURESINTEGERScheduled departures on the segment in the month104
PAXINTEGERNumber of passengers transported on the segment17294
FREIGHTINTEGERPounds of Freight transported on the segment8853
MAILINTEGERPounds of Mails transported on the segment0
SEATSINTEGERNumber of seats on the segment 18905
PAYLOADINTEGERAvailable payload in pounds5159600
MLW_TONNEDOUBLEMaximum Landing Weight in metric tonnes7858
ASMINTEGERAvailable Seat Miles13819555
RPMINTEGERRevenue Passenger Miles12641914
BLOCK_MINUTESINTEGERBlock time in minutes14095
FLOWN_MINUTESINTEGERFlown time in minutes10872
MILESINTEGERMiles between the segment origin and the segment destination731
FILEVARCHAR(100)Data source filet100/raw/dom_seg/db28seg.dd.wac.202007.202106.asc.gz